Its around this time of year that advertisement for charitys increases as they want more donations around Christmas .charity’s try to attract people to donate in a few different ways. The first which I experienced the other day. I received a Christmas card from a charity which I must have donated to once. the way that this can make people donate can be applied to operant conditioning as people get rewarded, subtly, for giving to the charity. the Christmas card of course came with a slip of paper in case I wanted to donate again.

Another way charity’s get people to donate is through advertisement either on TV or posters around popular places. These advertisements generally show distressing images and tell you what your money could do to help the people or animals. this adverts can also be linked to operant conditioning as in terms of negative reinforcement people are hoping that if they donate to these charities it will go away.

A way that charity makes you donate is that they convince you that you feel good after giving to charity by using slogans for examples:

  • Actions speak louder than words! Give today.
  • Be a part of the breakthrough and make someone’s dream come true.
  • Be part of a change in the World.

these slogans make people think that they will become a better person after they have donated to a charity. People search for pleasure in everyday life, people expect to feel pleasure for giving to charity.

A second theory, called “warm glow,” by James Andreoni.  explains that people like making their own decision to give to charity’s . They get pleasure from the idea of making there own decision, in the same way that people prefer to roll their own dice when playing a game and pick their own lottery numbers. It is because people like to be in control of what they do. ‘warm glow’ refers to the feeling that people get after doing something pleasurable. it suggests that people give to charity is for warm glow and not for altruism.

Another theory suggests that some people take pleasure in charitable giving because of its benefit to their social status. By giving to charity people are showing to there peers that they are wealth but also altruistic. So for them giving to charity is a completely selfish ego boosting task.

 Overall, people donate to charity for very different reasons.


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