To start with I know that nobody enjoys revision but its something that everyone has to do.With my A-Levels which i’m doing currently I need to be revising throughout.

Here are some methods that have been helping me revise. Firstly when I get home from college I will rewrite all the notes that I made in class into another notebook and then test myself to make sure that I know the information that is needed.

Secondly, I will make a mind map at the end of the week for each subject of all the things that I have learnt, This helps me as I like things to be laid out clearly so I can understand them and quickly look at them if i’s looking or a certain piece of information.

Another thing that you probably wont be told to do by your teachers. If your struggling to remember a piece of information try reading to yourself in an accent I don’t know why it works but It helps me and makes revision a little bit more enjoyable.

One thing that I fell victim too is procrastinating .DO NOT PROCSTINATE. This is the worst thing you can do.How can you avoid this I hear you say? well tell yourself that that thing in your room that has been broken for years does not need fixing right now it can wait. DO NOT say to yourself sentence’s like “I’ll start after…” , because it may be nice in the short term but you cant but the work off forever.Some ways to not procrastinate is to make a to do list, do the hard tasks first , do small bits over time,give yourself a break but don’t get carried away and the most important and difficult one REMOVE all distractions yes that mean your phone must go.

A suitable place to work without distractions is to set up a desk area this will help as you will have one area that is used for work and stress. And a bed will be more relaxing. As we all know it is impossible to work when your in bed you get distracted by the comfort that you are In and then you get tired and tell yourself that you will do it later, having a separate work space will also help you sleep as I experienced during my GCSE’s you cant sleep due to stress anyway but doing work and revision in bed will make you associate bed with being stressed and school and that will not help you sleep.

The next method does not work for everyone but I find that it helps me.Listening to music whilst doing revision or work I find helps. I listen to albums that I know really well so I don’t have to focus on it but its nice to have in the background. I don’t listen to new music whilst working as I find I focus on it trying to listen to the lyrics and I think everyone has fallen into the trap of writing the lyrics to the song that your listening to. another thing is not listening to a song with lyrics, classical for example there also lots of available remixes on YouTube to help with revision for example:

I hope that these methods have helped. I wish told me these things before I started revising !!!!


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